Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today I...August 10th

Today I... keeping this short and sweet because I have to post it kind of late! Blogger was down earlier when I wanted to post!

...found out that it takes less time than the STM (Montreal's transit authority) thinks it does to get from my Sweetheart's place to the Oratory. I thought it would too, they clocked it at 40 minutes and it actually only took me 30 minutes to make it to work, which is good because if it had taken me 40 minutes, I would have been nearly 10 minutes late lol

...had a fairly cheery (as I always do after spending a good long while with my Sweetheart) and fairly busy day. happy that a cool front has gone through and taken all the humidity out of the air! enjoying watching Quinn and Magique chase each other up and down my apartment.

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  1. Hello Karine! I'm sitting here with the windows open and enjoying the break in the heat here too. I know it won't last, but that's okay!

    I hope you've had an enjoyable day!!