Monday, August 1, 2011

Today I...August 1st

Today I... sharing this video of a very impressive lighting cloud that hovered over Montreal for over an hour on July 21st. I was looking for footage of today's rather impressive storms, but I guess it's too early for them to be up yet! This storm cloud is the kind that forms at the end of very, very hot days. I've seen one like it before and they are very impressive. They just sit there lightning flashes away without there ever being any thunder, it's what we refer to as heat lightning.

...had a steadily busy day at work.

...was rather surprised to see hail falling at the Oratory this afternoon.

...was not surprised when all the calls to security started coming through on the walkie-talkie regarding various floods inside the Oratory. It never fails, every summer we get the opportunity to find all the new leaks in the roofs and foundations. In many other cases, water just flows right under doors. It's the sort of thing that happens when you build on the down slope of a mountain! Fortunately, we have quite a few flood vacuums that pick up all the water in no time flat. As for the roofs...we pray for donations to fix them. We have replaced the rood of the Crypt church and most of the roofs of the Basilica have been redone since they were the most critical. As for the rest, they will have to wait.

...was very grateful for the ride that C offered me over the V's place so I could take care of her cat after work. The storms had moved off a bit, but there was still lightning and although I am much less frightened of thunderstorms than I used to be, I still hate being outside in them.

...hunkered down at V's place until the next storm passed through. so happy that it's so nice and cool out now! My apartment feels lovely :o)

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