Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today I...August 21st

Today I... sharing the trailer from the 2011 remake of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre with you. I rented it off of Illico on Demand (Videotron's digital cable movie rental program, Videotron is the largest cable provider in Quebec) last night, watched it and loved it so much that I watched it again this afternoon. I'll probably end up buying the DVD now :o)

...had a most productive day, at least music-wise. I cleaned up my iTunes music library and then hunted down nearly all the album art that I was missing. You often end up with missing album covers on iTunes when you burn your CDs into your iTunes library, which is really annoying because instead of nice album covers, you end up with grey music notes on your screen. Thanks to a YouTube tutorial, I learned how to get album art off of the Internet and copy into iTunes and got nearly all my covers done when iTunes stopped cooperating. My laptop is getting rather old though, so I'm happy it even cooperated as long as it did!

...enjoyed and am still enjoying listening to the rain fall outside. I don't mind rain when I don't have to go out with it and when it doesn't last for days on end :o) impressed with how quiet my cats have been, but I guess they're just following my lead!

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