Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today I...August 6th

Today I... sharing these photos of the rose fountain sculpture that sits int he courtyard of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles with you.

...had a fairly busy start to the weekend as I wanted to get all the stuff I had to do done so that I was spend tomorrow and my extra day off on Monday doing what I want to do...which is large expanses of nothing filled interspersed with reading a new book that I will go on the hunt for tomorrow and hopefully seeing my Sweetheart on Monday.

...finished reading Edward Rutherfurd's London and I can do nothing more than recommend it to all of you yet again. It is 1 124 pages of pure enjoyment :o)

...still can't get over how much sushi my friends and I ate at dinner last night lol incredibly hot while heading off to the West Island to the spa and incredibly hot going out for groceries and then believe it or not, I fired up the oven to make a pizza for dinner because I just didn't feel like cooking! thinking that tonight is going to be movie night :o)


  1. Hello Karine! Its been a quiet evening for me too. I have loved just sitting and catching up on blog news like yours. I'm glad your weather has gotten nice in the evenings. Ours is still much to hot to open the windows. I didn't feel like cooking either (my husband is gone) so I had a pizza too. What's that about great minds thinking alike?

    The fountain is just beautiful!

  2. love that photo of the fountain veru, very pretty.

    Catching up with all you have been doing. Are you still suffering with all this heat?

    Roll on Fall!!


  3. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm looking for a large holiday read!
    Lucky you having HEAT...