Monday, August 15, 2011

Today I...August 15th

Today I...

...found this photo of a sign I saw while visiting Charleston, South Carolina and laughed out loud, so I'm now sharing it with you, hoping that you will get a smile or a laugh out of it too. It is a joke of course, it wasn't a real sign for a lost dog :o)

...had a relatively busy day at the office as I am now taking care of both C's and D's work. D should be back on Wednesday though, so that will lighten my load a bot.

...has some of the Indian vegetable soup I made for in my crockpot yesterday for dinner and boy. was it good! It's very easy to make: you need one medium sized eggplant, four medium sized potatoes (unpeeled), a can of garbanzo beans (drained and rinsed), a 28 oz can of diced tomatoes (with their juice) and a 30 oz box of vegetable broth. Toss all of that in a crockpot with a tsp and a half of curry powder, a tsp of ground coriander and a quarter tsp each of pepper and salt, let it simmer on low for nine hours and voilĂ ! I love my crockpot :o)

...spoke with my Sweetheart for over a half hour. We are planning on maybe heading to Toronto together in three weeks for the long weekend as he needs to meet with his former employers (that he still does some work for) and I want to meet my cousin's baby! If the meetings don't work out for him that weekend, I'll probably just take the train up. I hope he can come though, I would love for us to drive up there together! looking forward to my Sweetheart coming over on Wednesday! I lured him here with the promise of some of my soup...not that food is necessary to lure him in, it just adds more leverage :o)

...can't believe that one of my neighbors just turned their AC unit on.


  1. Very droll!
    Air conditioning doesn't really exist in Scotland, so you'll have to explain to me how you know your neighbours have turned theirs on. Do you hear it through the walls, or is it that you have your windows open and can hear a motor or something?

  2. It's a window unit, so they are usually quite noisy, especially the older ones. How it works is that the unit sucks in air from outside, puts it through a cooling system and then blows the cooled air into a room. As with cars, newer models have quieter motors, as do more expensive ones. Mine is a mid-range, so it's relatively quiet, but my neighbor must have either a very old, or a very crappy one :o) Also in this case, it was a cool evening so my window was indeed open and I had no desire to close it, however I did end up closing it halfway to cut back on the noise.