Friday, August 26, 2011

Today I...August 26th

Today I... sharing another photo from my Humber River canoe ride with all of you since you enjoyed yesterday's so much. Those are other members of my family way back there in the second canoe and kayak. My aunt, uncle and a fist cousin once removed and his wife. Yes, I have a very large family. Family reunions on my mother's side of the family always involve 80+ people, we're probably actually closer to 100 now and yes, I've met all of them more than once and can usually recognize them when I see them in a family setting. feeling financially frustrated. I'm going through one of those phases that happen a few times a year when my pays are not coordinated with when I need money, as in I got paid Wednesday at Midnight, my rent (690$) is not due until the 1st and the cheque will more than likely not be deposited until at least the 6th because of the long weekend. I also had to pay my cable and Internet bill (99.81$), will have to buy my transit pass for September this coming week (72.50$), bought groceries today (58$ and change), will need groceries next week as well (count another 50-60$) and will have to pay for my Hydro (48$ and change). That's already over 1000$, my pay was 882$ and change. My next pay isn't for another two weeks, so I will not have any choice but to use my credit card and my savings account to pay for certain things, like the Hydro bill. I am also in dire need of new shoes because the soles on the ones I have are just about gone and they take in water and no matter how much I polish them, they look scuffed in no time flat and I just can't hide it anymore. I need new fall-winter clothes because the ones I do have are mostly from 2007 and they are looking faded and worn and I still owe my Sweetheart 100$ for our trip to L.A. because he paid for pretty much everything while we were there since my bank account had been hacked just before we left. I will also have to pay my dues for the fall session of my choir (another 100$) and I would really like to have a rain coat for Sunday because I'm accompanying a group of pilgrims for the Oratory's annual pilgrimage to Brother Andre's birthplace in the Eastern Townships and we will be right smack dab in the middle of what will be left of Hurricane Irene with 100 km per hour winds and 50+ mm of driving rain. The kind of weather that makes an umbrella pointless and even cumbersome...but I don't have a rain coat and from what I can see they cost at least 80-100$. *SIGH* I am sick to bloody death of being POOR!!! I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning and find a huge pot of 100$ bills outside my door...or at least a pair of shoes and a rain coat. In my dreams... done venting now. My apologies, but you must admit it is a rather rare occurrence. I hadn't felt this short on money for a while, but everything always seems to dump down on me at once. That and I'm feeling now the fact that I bought some much needed running shoes (I had been needing them for over a year) back in July and paid the bill for them the last time I got a pay cheque that I didn't have to pay rent with, which made me short this month. I knew it would happen, but that doesn't mean it doesn't stress me out and piss me off any less. Going broke for getting a pair of shoes I needed. Ugh...

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  1. If it helps, I know just how you feel about needing a bit more to help make ends easily meet. We have that same thing right now too--And while I know it'll somehow work out, I have to admit that I went to bed early last night because I just couldn't think about it any more!

    I hope today is a good day for you, and you're enjoying your weekend!!