Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today I...August 7th

Today I... sharing these two views of the tapestries inside Our Lady of Angels Cathedral (Catholic) in Los Angeles with you.

...had a much more laid back day than yesterday.

...went out to Indigo Books and purchased Water for Elephants, which so far looks quite fascinating! I'll have to watch the movie after finishing the book, which will probably take me somewhere between 2-3 weeks.

...watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding on CBC. It was a good movie, I just wish there hadn't been so many commercials to break it up and they were always the same ones, too!!! God bless the mute button!


  1. I was going to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but we got some thunder storms and it kept knocking the satellite out.

    Love the tapestries,


  2. Hi Karine! Would you believe that I've never seen 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding?' It has been on my list, but I've just never had the chance to see it.