Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today I...August 20th

Today I... not posting a picture because I'm disappointed. I was hoping to go to the hot air balloon festival in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu with my friends S and S and take tons of pictures so I would have some new ones to show you, but they never got back to me about going. I looked into what I would have to do to get there by public transit, but it would have been very long and quite expensive. There was a shuttle to get to the festival, but it was 20$ and the entrance fee to the festival was also 20$ before tax, so I wouldn't have been able to afford both. There went my outing and my chance to see hot air balloons up close for the first time ever. The festival is on tomorrow too, but the weather is supposed to be lousy so there's no point in going. I'll post a picture tomorrow when I feel up to rooting through my old photos. I know there's no way you've seen them all, but I would really like to have something new for you guys. I'll try and get some photos tomorrow if the weather turns out okay or if I get a chance to go out somewhere fun and interesting next weekend.

...went grocery shopping and was not at all amused when I saw that Minute Maid cut back on the size of its juice cans while keeping the price the same. They suck in my books now, but unfortunately I need orange juice and buying oranges and making my own juice would be more expensive than buying the cans, so there you have it.

...was angry when I got home and saw that the person who packed my bag at the grocery store didn't think to put my marinated pork filet into a plastic bag before putting it into my cart. Of course, he also put it in the cart sideways instead of flat on top of everything else and naturally the plastic wrap on it tore and I ended up with marinated meat juice all over half of my groceries and the bottom of the bag and then dripping onto the floor of my kitchen since there is a hole in the bottom of my cart's bag. Ugh...

...have had a high point in my day! The chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream cone I got from the cafe across from my apartment. They are owned by the people who also own Ripples, one of Montreal's best known ice cream parlors and so Ripples supplies them in ice cream. I had never had Ripples ice cream before, but let me tell you, they are not well known for nothing! They are now right up there with Péché Glacé and Bilboquet in my books!


  1. here's hoping Sunday will be a better day for you.

    It's been pouring down here since 6:30pm, so I guess it will be heading your way soon,


  2. I'm sorry your plans didn't work out! I'm scared of heights so I don't know if I could ever go up in one!

    I also get upset when my groceries aren't packed right--I've even gone as far as to say something when they aren't. By the way, it bothers me too that the price of something continues to go up (or sometimes stays the same) and what's in the package is less--Do they think we don't notice??

    I hope you have a pleasant Sunday!!!

  3. Glad your day ended on a good note after the earlier disappointments. We don't have grocery bagging in UK supermarkets - the fact that you have to pack your own at least means that the items are packed as you want. Although if my husband I are shopping together we have different ideas about bag packing, which makes for some lively interchanges at the checkout! Occasionally there is charity bagging - ie Scouts or a local community group does it as a fundraiser. I usually insist on packing my own because the kids especially have zero concept of bag packing, but I give them a donation anyway if I agree with the 'good cause' they're fundraising for. Sometimes they're rather self indulgent.

  4. Ice cream sounds pretty soothing after a day of disappointment:-)