Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I...August 29th

Today I... feeling better than I ended up feeling yesterday. The pilgrimage to Mont-St-Grégoire as such went well, but the trip home was Hell. The rain was coming down in sheets and the wind was the strongest I've ever seen. We saw trees snapped in two on the road to the highway and then once on there, we got stuck in traffic for a good two and a half hours. The morons at Transport Canada had left all the cones and construction signs on the Champlain Bridge despite the fact that they had been warning us about Irene for a good two days. I knew there would be trouble when we crossed the bridge on the way to Mont-St-Grégoire in the morning and the cones and signs were still there and by the time we came to go home the wind was blowing at 100+ kms per hour on the bridge and the cones and signs were being blown all over the span. The worst part is, they kept the bridge open. We missed our only opportunity to turn off and go take the next closest bridge, the Jacques Cartier and so spent two hours waiting to get on the bridge and a very scare half hour crossing it. The wind was shaking the bus, the rain was horizontal and blowing in under the door and through the gaps in a few windows and we were right up along the guard rail of the bridge and could see the water churning below. I was so stressed out and so scared by the whole experience that by the time we finally made it off the bridge I had a wicked headache. I don't want to go anywhere near a bridge in high winds ever again.

...went into work an hour late since I did so much overtime yesterday.

...turned up the heat in my fish tank before leaving because it was getting a bit chilly in there.

...started choir practice up again, so my Monday night posts may become rather sparse.

...had a blast singing. home and came into the living room to get the glass I use to thaw my fish food in and found my four little raspboras dead. I was shocked and very sad and then I saw that the temperature in the fish tank had gone sky high during the day. Quinn must have gone to lie on top of the tank as she often does and nudged the dial higher. I only have three fish left now, a gourami, my albino plecostamus and a rainbow...something or other. I can never remember the rest of his species name. I have done everything I can to save those three and they seem okay, so I'll just have to hope they're still okay tomorrow morning. I love having fish and am very good at keeping them, but they are so fragile. I will see about getting a cat proof heater in two weeks when I get paid and until then will be paranoid about the heater!!!

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