Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today I...March 13th

Today I... sharing another butterfly picture with you. I just loved how this little guy blended in with the lilies around him!

...had such a busy weekend it felt like it flew by in five minutes.

...cheated with my 'springing forward' and only turned my clocks ahead after waking up this morning so I wouldn't lose an hour of sleep after staying up late with my friends G and G last night. still awed by how not a single building in Tokyo came down during the earthquake there last Friday. It actually gives me a whole new admiration for the work that my Sweetheart does. He is a civil engineer, specialized in working with seismically resistant steel. There was a great deal of loss of life due to the earthquake and tsunami on Friday, but just imagine how many lives were saved thanks the incredible amount of seismic engineering that went into all the buildings and roads in Japan!

...gave my bathroom a good scrub! I always find that my whole apartment feels clean after I've washed the bathroom lol

...had a hugely busy weekend, busier than I had planned, but it was lots of fun!!!

...will do my best to post this week, but I am working evenings every day except for tomorrow and Thursday so it may be kind of difficult. I may also slack off on commenting until next week. I'm sorry, but this is the busiest time of year for me at work and everything else tends to go by the wayside. I will check in as often as I can though, so don't give up on me completely :o)


  1. just do what you can do, blogging is supposed to be a joy not something you HAVE to do...

    Enjoy your week,


  2. Hi Karine! I have really enjoyed catching up on your news that I've missed over the last week! I'm so glad that the 'snafu' at your job worked out just fine and your sweetheart is getting settled into his life close by to you!

    Thank-you also for the kind thoughts on the loss of our boy Tanner, and the lovely verse that really touched my heart!

  3. Guess your engineer will be very busy in the next few years helping rebuild a couple of countries