Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today I...March 6th

Today I... sharing this lovely Gaz Metro ad with you. It's one of those commercials that is so well done that I don't get sick of seeing it, unlike so many ads out there today.

...kept myself busy today buy going out for the ingredients I needed to make some chicken pasta sauce in my crock pot (I realized when I saw the stroganoff recipe that it was what I had made in my crock pot last month) and some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

...just about passed out when I saw the 64$ bill for the ingredients plus the few things that I needed for this week. Boy, is food ever getting expensive, good thing I get a union sanctioned raise every year on May 1st to keep up with it!

...came home and made the muffins and the sauce. The muffins turned out great and I'm letting the sauce cool down before I give it a little taste test and put it in containers. I should last me this week and maybe into next week depending on if I eat out with my Sweetheart this week or not. sure that my Sweetheart has made it to Montreal safe and sound by now, even though I haven't heard from him yet. I'm not surprised I haven't, since I know that he was only planning on leaving Toronto around lunch time. He and his brother may have hit some dicey roads between Toronto and Montreal since the weather here has been lousy all weekend and that would have slowed them down and then they would have had to turn in the rental van. I know he made it here safely though, I can feel it and I am now looking forward to hearing from him and seeing him soon! Thank you all for you encouraging comments this weekend and also over the past two years that my Sweetheart has been away, they have meant so much to me :o)


  1. Hi Karine! What a nice commercial! I don't think that ads need to be bold and loud to be effective, and this one shows that you don't have to be to get the message across.

    I am also noticing how prices for groceries and everything else are going up. I dread going to the store and seeing it first hand. I remember how much I used to spend for two weeks of groceries which now barely buys one...

    I hope your sweetheart arrived safely, called you and I so hope you have a good week! :-)

  2. Did you hear from your other half yet?

    I would love to see the muffins and have the recipe for them? Pretty please!!


  3. Hi Gill!

    You can get the muffin recipe along with a whole slew of other muffin recipes at
    I'll try and remember to post a link to it in my blog post tonight. As for my Sweetheart, I got an e-mail from him last night saying they made it to Montreal safe and sound on Sunday night without breaking so much as a dish :o)