Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today I...March 26th

Today I... sharing this Earth Hour 2011 video with you. I have been a happy participant of this event since it first began, turning my lights out, even the one in the fish tank, for one hour between 8:30 P.M. and 9:30 P.M. one a year along with millions and millions of others. This year, I am planning on going up to the observatory in Mount Royal park to take pictures of Downtown before and during earth hour. I am hoping to find a friend or two to go with me, but if not, I'm sure I'll be fine on my own. Mount Royal park is a very safe place and tonight there are sure to be tons of people there. I'll get there early to be sure to have a good spot for my pictures. so happy to have finally made the rounds of your blogs! I'm sorry I've been a bit of an absentee this week, but I spent a delicious amount of time with my Sweetheart, spending the afternoon with him on Tuesday, the evening with him on Thursday and then yesterday he came by at the end of the evening, we went out for a beer with my brother and one his buddies and then came home. He left around 10:30 this morning to go and get on with his busy day. I'm not sure when I'll be seeing him next week, but I'm hoping for Wednesday at the latest since Monday I have my choir practice and Tuesday he has his exam for the order of engineers. happy to report that my brother is making a stellar recovery from his knee surgery! He had his ACL rebuilt on Tuesday March 15th, so a week and a half ago and he was off his crutches a week ago and now barely has a limp.

...called Videotron (the major cable TV provider in Quebec) and had my cable services adjusted. I am no longer going to have a home phone (it worked through cable) as of May 1st and am getting a better deal on my TV. My bill, with the increases they were going to put in place, would have gone up to 109,41$ a month, which I found ludicrous for a phone I hardly used and TV channels that I mostly didn't watch, so I went from a trio package to a duo package with high speed internet and basic digital cable plus 15 channels that I picked myself. I am so happy, my bill will be down to 96$ and change, so I will be saving a bit over 13$ a month and have nothing but channels that I WANT to watch on my TV! My father will also be giving me free reign to get a new cell phone with a plan that will allow me to have more daytime minutes and texting options since my cell phone will now be my only phone. I am very fortunate that my father still pays for my cell phone and I know that he still does because I never abuse it. I very rarely go over my minutes or my texting limits and he is therefore happy to keep paying for it. Hooray! going to get my laundry done, go grocery shopping and get a birthday card for my mom, plus try and get a nap in somewhere in there since I am feeling tired. Maybe during the hour my stuff will be in the dryer? happy to be spending so much time with my Sweetheart, but missing blogging regularly. Give me a few weeks and I will try and work out a new balance where I can fit posting in more often :o)

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  1. you sound so happy and content, which is a good thing.

    Just blog whenever you feel like it, as we will still all be here for you.

    Enjoy your Sunday,