Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today I...March 1st

Today I...

...am sharing this picture of my beautiful old boy, Cinnamon. He was my first cat, I adopted him when he was ten years old, shortly after my parents separated in 2003. He brought me a great deal of comfort during one of the most difficult periods of my life until he passed away in November of 2007.

...am sharing this picture with you because my mom and I are going to try and save my cousin's little dog. He moved last week and wasn't able to take her with him, so she had to stay with my uncle, but my uncle can't keep her either, so his only choice, if they can't find her a home within two weeks, would be to have her put to sleep. We've found her a place with a shelter, so if it works out, we should be able to go and get her on Saturday and bring her to the shelter who will bring her to a foster home. I am a very strong advocate for animals of all ages to be adopted and given a good quality of life for as long as possible. A 10 year old dog or cat has just as much love to give as a two year old dog and deserves to be given just as much love, no matter if they are blind, deaf, have a heart problem or bad hips or are perfectly healthy. As long as they are happy and not in any pain, they deserve a good home and hopefully we will be able to give this little dog a chance to have one for whatever time she has left. I'll hopefully be able to give you an update on this tomorrow or Thursday :o)

...am looking forward to the novena to St-Joseph to get going so the bookings will stop coming in! Every time I get a new one and add it to the schedule, I have to move the whole thing down a notch and it takes ages!

...am counting down the days until Sunday when my Sweetheart comes home :oD

...am letting you know that I am going out to dinner tomorrow night and Thursday night. I will do my best to post anyhow, but otherwise will at least try and keep up with your blogs.


  1. I totally agree with you regarding animals. I think that is why the pound was so enthusiastic when we chose Molly as her being at least 5 years of age, didn't make her the most desirable animal to adopt.

    It must be so very exciting to have your other half coming home for good?

    Enjoy your meals out,


  2. Hi Gill!

    It is very exciting indeed!!!

    As for the dear little dog, it worked out! My uncle is going to meet up with the lady from the shelter and hand her over to her and they are going to place her in a loving foster home and try to find her a new family. My mom and I are so happy! I too remember how thrilled the lady from the shelter I adopted Cinnamon from was when I left with him :o)

  3. Hello Karine!! The days until your sweatheart are going quickly for me--Are they for you too??

    I'm glad it all worked out for your uncle's dog. I admire him for trying to find a solution for her, and will continue to hope that she finds her way to a new forever home very quickly!

    Cinnamon was a handsome cat, his eyes are amazing!! Did I ever tell you that dogs were not my first love? Cats were!

  4. Hi there Kim!

    Yeah, the days are going by quickly for me too...thank heavens! I think that waiting to hear from him when he gets here on Sunday is going to be the longest!

    You had told me about the cats before, which I found quite funny the first time you told me! Good for your cat that she's able to hold up with all those dogs around her!