Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today I...March 22nd

Today I...

...am sharing this America's Funniest Home Videos compilation of hilarious cat moments with you. I posted it once, but waaaaay back when so a lot of you may not have seen it. I've watched this video countless times and it always makes me laugh.

...am pleased to inform you that Magique's demon was exorcised by the clipping of her claws. When her claws are long, she is more daring in her devilishness, probably because she knows that she can actually do damage. And no, I will never consider having my lovely feline duo declawed. My friend G, who is a vet, told me that declawing a cat is the equivalent to cutting off the end of a humans fingers and she will actually not declaw cats if she can talk the owners out of it, which she often can. So clawed my kitties remain. if you give the a decent scratching post or better yet several of the spread out around the house they will actually have very little incentive to claw anything else. Case in point: my couch is fine, my bed is fine, the only thing that had a chance to get messed up before Magique learned to use the kitty condo properly was my old couch and my cheap kitchen table...which I got cheap on purpose so I wouldn't flip out if my untrained kitten sank her claw into it once she was big enough to reach the corner of it. As for Quinn, no issue. She has never sharpened her claws anywhere but on the kitty condo.

...am happy to let you all know that my trip to Honolulu is ON!!! I spent the day with my Sweetheart today and he has decided to leave his itinerary as is, Tokyo included so we booked our hotel. I feel fine about his going to Tokyo, I just asked him to please not drink the water as there were traces of radiation found in it. As for food, I trust the Japanese to only put safe food in the mouths of their people. He will, of course, be keeping a close eye on the situation and will not go to Japan if things get out of control, but for now things look stable enough and We're both comfortable with his going there. The poor Japanese will be so low on tourists that he'll likely be treated like a king over there!

...am heading back to work tomorrow and will therefore have to get up at 7:00 A.M. for the first time since Thursday of last week. Ouch, that might be rough. I am going to try and behave and have my light out by Midnight.

...am so happy that I got to spend the day with my Sweetheart :o) We ended up having to postpone our day together by one day when his new niece was born at Midnight on Sunday-Monday and I was disappointed about that, but oh so happy when he invited me over today instead. Our next get together is on Thursday when he comes over to my place after work. I'm so looking forward to that...but don't be surprised if I don't do a blog post that day as I will have other things on my mind :o)


  1. lots of good news for you both. Dd cats have ruined her sofa and chair with their claws, they too won't get their cats declawed......


  2. Yeah, they can be a problem...I just clip the front claws once a month and as I said...kitty condos with scratching posts or scratching posts in different places all over the house. Spritz the posts with catnip spray and the cats will scratch nowhere else...or at least it's always worked that way for me!