Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today I...March 29th

Today I...

...am having a pictureless post and I am starting to feel like a computer screen zombie and thus don't feel like hunting around for one.

...had a bi-weekly very long and boring meeting all morning.

...had a very yummy salmon burger for lunch form the Oratory's cafe.

...spent a fraction of the afternoon hunting for a new vacation destination for my Sweetheart and I.

...spent a large portion of the afternoon helping C with her American visa application and can I just say that American visa applications are ridiculously long and ask some really ridiculous questions that a person would have to be very stupid to answer 'yes' to?

...spent all evening until now hunting for a new vacation destination for my Sweetheart which is why I am feeling quite zombie like. Right now, Puerto Rico seems to be winning by virtue of an affordable flight for my Sweetheart and affordable housing. I would have to get a Hepatitis shot before going down there though and more than likely my Sweetheart and I would have to take different flights, which is a major drawback for my fearful flyer self :o( We should be getting together tomorrow or Thursday to figure this vacation thing out. We definitely will have earned our trip after all the trouble we will have gone to to book the blasted thing!!!

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  1. Hello Karine!! Sorry to read about the change for your vacation, but know when you find a place and you're there all the trouble you've gone through to get there will be worth it!! Don't give up, I know you'll find some place wonderful!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!