Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today I...March 2nd

Today I... happy to report that we saved Daisy!!! Hooray!!! I was so happy when my mom called me last night to tell me that the shelter had a foster home for her and that my uncle had agreed to bring her to the lady who runs the rescue program! I am looking forward to her being able to be happy in a new home where she will be just as relaxed as my dear old Cinnamon is in this photo.

...had a lovely time at the restaurant with my father and my brother.

...had another busy day at work. Every time I hung up the phone I had a message to take.

...was impressed by the snow squalls we had this morning.

...couldn't believe how cold it was walking to my dad's office. on a sugar and maybe caffeine high from the huge slice of ice cream birthday cake they brought out for me at the end our meal. I love the sparkler on it!!! It is, however, 10:20 P.M. A sugar and maybe caffeine high (because there may have been a slight caffeine taste in the cake, but I'm not sure) at this hour is not a good thing. Oh well, at least the cake was yummy!