Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today I...March 20th

Today I... popping in for a quick post while the news is on and before feeding my critters and turning in for the night. sharing this picture of a woman and her dog heading to the St-Patrick's Day Parade last year. really beginning to wonder if my cat Magique has been possessed by some sort of demon. So far today she has unraveled the roll of toilet paper once and then gone back to destroy it when I rolled it back up. The new roll is now on the hook on the back of my bathroom door. She broke the elastic I put around two of my pantry door handles because she figured out that the latch on one door was loose and got into the pantry where my pots and pans are. I found the elastic and tied it around the handles and am hoping she won't break that. She also tried to get into my closed crock pot and figured out that if she shoved on my bathroom door it would open, which is how she destroyed my toilet paper. Ugh...

...made it out to the grocery store and did my laundry. the ingredients for some saucy chicken with shiitake and crimini mushrooms. The sauce is made with cream of wild mushroom soup, Italian seasoning, dry white wine and garlic and herb cream cheese. I'm going to plug in the crock pot tomorrow before heading out to my Sweetheart's place and am hoping he will come home to enjoy a meal with me after we're done working on his condo :o)


  1. that sounds so good. Enjoy your day with the other half......


  2. I think most cats are possessed least every one I've ever had over the years (8 in all) have shown these "tendencies" from time to time:-)