Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today I...March 8th

Today I...

...don't have the energy to look up a picture for this post. Sorry...I have a lot of work right now and am enjoying a visit from my monthly 'guest' if you know what I mean, so I am very, very tired. I am therefore also not going to be commenting on blogs too much. I'm sorry :o( I'll try and be a good commenter again by Friday.

...can't wait for the weekend...already! I want to sleep, like a lot.

...reached my peak pre-novena stress point at work today. It happens to me every year, I get so stressed out right before the novena starts that I can't handle anything other than working on the novena. I have C and D deal with everything non-novena related, can get a bit snappish if anyone asks me to deal with anything non-novena related and if anyone adds to my novena-related workload. When I feel this happening, I break out my iPod and block everything but what I'm doing out.

...couldn't understand why C wore perfume to work when she knows it gives me a headache?

...am happy to report that yes, I heard from my Sweetheart and that he did indeed make it to Montreal safely on Sunday night with his brother. He sent my a nice little e-mail yesterday telling me that they made it here without breaking a single on of his things and that he would write to me again when he had regained some semblance of a normal life. I don't know what that means exactly, but I'm guessing that he's referring to his having to become a resident of Quebec again, which will entail his wasting about a day waiting in a government office to get a Quebec driver's licence and a Quebec Medicare card. Then, he's also going to have to switch his cell phone plan back to a Montreal number and he told he while I was a his place a few weeks ago that he would probably also get a new cell phone while he's at it. He also needed to go and visit the office of the Quebec Order of Engineers to arrange to pass their exam, because right now he's a member of the Ontario Order, but not the Quebec one. Good thing he's unemployed right now, because he can probably get all that done in one week. I'm hoping to hear from him by or on Friday, but I know it may not be until Monday. I'm aiming far, that way I'll be really happy if I hear from him before that :o)

...am inviting any of you who love to bake muffins to go and visit ilovemuffins.ca, which is where I got the recipe for my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. If you're looking for a muffin recipe, look no further, they probably have it :o) As for a picture of my muffins, I'm sorry, but I don't have one...I hardly ever take pictures of any food I make, I just don't think to do it. I'll try and remember to take a picture the next time I bake something though :o)