Friday, March 4, 2011

Today I...March 4th

Today I... sharing another picture of Osgoode Hall with you. so happy that it's the weekend!!! still trying to get used to convince myself that my Sweetheart is coming home for good on Sunday! I'm so used to him only being here for a few days at a time that I keep having to remind myself that I will actually be able to see him after Sunday and not if I don't see him by Sunday that I'll have to wait until I can go see him or until he comes back here. looking forward to sleeping in. I'm tired!!! planning on making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins over the weekend and also some beef Stroganoff in my crock pot. also planning on doing my laundry and giving my bathroom a scrub. Plenty to keep me busy on a rainy weekend while waiting for a call from my Sweetheart :o)


  1. How lovely that the seperation time is over.

  2. Today's the day! Happy reunion!

  3. Karine, I've thought of you today and so hope you've had an enjoyable weekend, and that the baking and little things kept you busy until you and your sweetheart were together!! :-)))