Monday, July 11, 2011

Today I...July 11th

Today I... sharing this picture of little miss Magique with you. Why? Because she was being very Magique-like this evening, meaning a four-legged terror. She was consistently trying to get into places she was not supposed to be, like the hall closet and, Heaven help me, the pantry. Why these two places? Because the pantry is where the plastic bags I use for cleaning the litter box used to be and the hall closet is where they are now and have been for months. Magique is fascinated by plastic bags, they hold more interest for her than catnip and even food!!! Why this is, I have no clue. My first cat, Cinnamon, was also a plastic bag fetishist, but to a more healthy extent. Nothing was more interesting to him than his food, which is the normal feline state of mind. But Magique? Yeah, she's a league all her own which every once in a while gets her collared and locked in the bedroom until she forgets that she was doing whatever got her collared in the first place, which is generally trying to get where the plastic bags are. Heaven help me... not have a whole lot more to report. Work was quiet, the weather was lovely, I am still waiting to see my Sweetheart (the family that was visiting from Poland for the Christening is leaving tomorrow, so hopefully it will my turn to get his undivided attention now) and I watched a movie the evening. Tah dah, that was my day :o) See you all tomorrow...unless I am the object of my Sweetheart's undivided attention :o)


  1. She is particularlly unique as it is rare to have a red female cat.