Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today I...July 9th

Today I...

...spoke to a much more alert Sweetheart :o)

...spent then afternoon with P and A.

...managed to get all my cleaning done this morning and then my laundry this evening.

...headed up to the Oratory to see and hear U2 from there. That worked out brilliantly and I am now hearing them just as well from my living room. They sang 'Where the Streets Have No Name' a few minutes ago and now they're singing 'Ultraviolet'. Bono sounds awesome!!! I'm getting my free concert after all :o) It's not quite as good as actually being there, but almost! some new fish for my tank, Gouramis! I love them! I got two Honey Gouramis (yellow) and two Red Gouramis (red and yellow). I hope they do well!

They're singing 'With or Without You' now! Oh, oh , oh! lol

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