Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today I...July 20th

Today I... a PMS mess. My PMS symptoms vary every month. Last month, I was a grouchy, irritable monster. This month, I am sad, weepy and depressed and very sensitive to any situation which can make me feel abandoned, neglected or left out and those are just my emotional symptoms, but they are the ones that are the most bothersome though. Pimples I can hide and treat very easily, insomnia I can deal with too and if my hair looks like crap, I can usually do something with it so that it won't look quite so bad, but there is no easy fix for the few days of emotional Hell I go through every month. It is much better than it used to be, but I still wish I could find something that would make the problem non-existent.

...ended up not taking my camera to work to take a picture of Brother Andre's banner because there was still scaffolding up behind it and a security fence in front of it. I'll give it a go on Friday when the fence and scaffolding will be gone and the weather will be nice as tomorrow they're announcing storms.

...spoke with my Sweetheart. He had a bit of a rough day at work since he and his colleague went to take a look at a crooked ceramic floor in a luxury home in hope of being able to fix it, but couldn't prove their theory as to why the floor was crooked (meaning warped). Tomorrow they and another engineer are going to inspect a small dam north of 6:00 A.M.. Why so early? Because it is a 10 hour job at least and it's supposed to go up to 36 degrees here tomorrow. Ugh...I don't envy the poor guys that job.


  1. I hope your other half got finished early today as it is awful outside.

    You should go to the doctor to see if he/she will give you something for the PMS symptoms?


  2. Hello Karine!! I've had the same problem throughout my life, so I know just what you're going through. Just don't be too hard on yourself, and find the needed moments to be by yourself taking deep breaths along the way....Just a little advice from an old lady who has been there and done this for years...Take care of yourself, okay?