Monday, July 4, 2011

Today I...July 4th

Today I... sharing this perhaps seemingly unremarkable photo of some flowers for my grandmother (bouquets on the right and far left) and aunt (bouquet in the middle with the red flowers) that were given to them by my father at our get-together for my grandmother's birthday on Sunday. admitting that I have been keeping very close tabs on Prince William and Kate's tour on Canada and have been loving every minute of it. They are truly an amazing young couple. But I have come up with one question though: what in Heaven's name do they do with all the flowers that Kate gets??? There is no way she keeps them all, so where do they all go? I'm sure that a few of them end up in the plane to make it more cheerful, but there's no way all those bouquets are in there, otherwise there would be no more room for Will and Kate! I did a little research on the subject and here is the answer to my question. Seriously though, you really do have to admire William and Kate, particularly Kate in this case since she is so new at the whole 'being royal' thing, being able to meet literally hundreds of people every day and still speak with them, smile at them, talk with them and and shake every single hand they can reach and wave and look so completely happy doing it. The way the tackle their jobs, they make it look like there is nothing more fun to do in the whole world. I work with the public in a very direct fashion and have for the past nine years and yes, when I go out and give a tour what often comes up is that I make my job look easy. I smile and joke with people and I have to be in an exceptionally (usually hormone induced) crabby and irritable mood before I even think it shows. I am always reassured, however, when I find out that it has not shown. I must be developing a pretty good mask! Will and Kate are undoubtedly also seriously good at masking any moodiness they may feel regarding having to shake another couple hundred hands. But they still get major, major kudos to me for doing their job. A lot of people think that they have it easy, but trust me, they don't! I believe that I can safely say that a major portion of the general population would be begging for a nice, cushy office job after just one day of what William and Kate do, I often am begging for a quiet day in the office after having to give tours four out of five days in a week! To work with the public, you have to seriously, seriously love people and interacting with them and these two are major naturals at what they do, they're my heroes and from now on I will think of them when I get moody (which, as previously stated, is a very rare occurrence) about my job and I won't feel nearly as put out.

...speaking of nice, quiet days in the office, I had one today! I had the office all to myself for the first time in months and it was a nice feeling.

...pranced out of the office at the end of the day. One down, two and a half to go before my Sweetheart is home!!!

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