Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today I...July 23rd

Today I... sharing two of the series of pictures that I took at the Oratory yesterday with you. As promised, there is one of the banner of Saint Brother André that has been put up above the main outer doors to the Basilica. I'm not sure that I like the banner, I find that it is not fancy enough to be up there with the Corinthian Columns and neo-classical facade. The other photo is from the Oratory's Stations of the Cross Gardens.

...went out for brunch with my Sweetheart :o) We then went for a walk with stops at the Museum of Fine Arts new Napoleon 1st exhibit and the Simon's department store.

...clipped my cats' claws, which is always an interesting experience.

...opened all my windows when I felt that wind turn to the North. They are saying that the heatwave is finally going break tonight with a low of 18 Celsius, hooray! wondering whether I have a cold or Hay Fever. Time will tell!

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