Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today I...June 12th

Sunset at Cavendish Beach

Today I...

...am on day two of my new schedule. It is agreeing with me so far, although it will take some getting used to and my first two days on this new schedule have been rather hectic. I left for my Sweetheart's place on Sunday afternoon and did not come back home until last night after work around 8:30 P.M. I wanted to squeeze my jog in as I knew that it was not going to be nice this morning, then I had to make myself a bite to eat, get my cats and my fish fed and slice up all the vegetables for the chicken curry I was going to make in my crock pot this morning and wash some dishes. Throw my shower into there and I wasn't in bed until Midnight. Then this morning I slept until 9:30 A.M., ate some breakfast and then went to get the chicken I had bought for my curry on Saturday out of the fridge to coat it in the spices for the curry and I realized that it definitely smelled off. Uh oh...I had to race off to the grocery store, grab more chicken and grabbed a box of cereal while I was at it because I was almost out of that and then race back home. By the time I got in, I had only a half hour left to slice up the chicken, coat it in its spices, throw it in the crock pot and then wash all my dishes and get out the door. I made it to work two minutes late. That was quite hectic! So tonight I got a ride home from work which was nice, because it was quite cool and rainy and I was quite happy to have my dinner pretty much ready when I got home. No jogging since it was raining, so I was able to crash on my couch for a bit and watch some TV. All I have left to do is wash my dishes and have my shower, but I'll probably still only be in bed at Midnight...unless I wait until tomorrow morning, jog after breakfast and then shower? I guess it will depend on when I wake up! We shall see...

...gave a tourist tour ( we have them three times a day every day from mid-June to the first weekend of September) to 13 tourists, something I have not done in quite a while! I usually get asked to give tourist tours two or three times every summer when we are short summer tour guides, but whether any tourists show up is always up in the air and for there to be 13 this early in the season is quite something!

...got quite cold working in the information booth for an hour this evening while replacing the summer tour guide who was on dinner break.

...was quite happy with how my crock pot curry turned out! I also tasted coconut milk for the first time as the recipe called for some and I tasted it before pouring it into the crock pot when I got home and let me tell you, it is yummy stuff!

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