Monday, June 25, 2012

Today I...June 25th

Today I... sharing this new Simon's Cat video with all of you. Simon's Cat videos are always a wonderful way to get a smile on your face in my opinion :o)

...had the day off.

...went to get my hair trimmed this morning. One of my favorite things about getting my hair trimmed is having it styled afterward. My hair is naturally wavy, so I very, very rarely am seen with it straight. To give you an idea, I have been with my Sweetheart for nearly eight years now and tonight is the first time he has actually seen me with my hair straight. He's seen pictures of me with nice, smooth hair of course, but has never actually seen me in person after a visit to the salon. He likes it and keeps looking at it and saying that it looks nice, but I've made it clear to him that it takes a half hour, two different kinds of brushes and a straightening iron to get it this way, on top of hand-eye coordination in front of a mirror and that I will therefore not be attempting to style my hair this way myself. The biggest roadblock in my case is the hand-eye coordination in front of the mirror. I'm dyspraxic, remember? Only mildly, but still enough for me to only style my hair myself for really important occasions and even then, I'm more likely to turn to either the curling iron or the straightening than to go anywhere near the blow dryer and brush.

...went all the way to my natural food ans supplement store to stock up on a few supplements that I was either out of or nearly out of, only to see that they were closed. It was a holiday here in the province of Quebec yesterday, so I made sure to check the website for the store before heading out and it said they were closed on Labor Day (first Monday in September), but did not mention today.

...took the bus back to the Metro station near my place rather than getting back on the Metro and riding half way around the orange line again.

...was happy to see that the natural food and supplement store across the street from my neighborhood Metro station was open. They are much smaller and did not have everything I needed, but at least I was able to get most of what I needed! happily spending the evening at my Sweetheart's place. I made us dinner and he is working now, but we are quite happy to be sharing the same living space :o)

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  1. I also have naturally wavy hair but Moroccon Oil cuts my drying and straightening time in half! I blow it dry and use a straightening iron in about 20 minutes and it actually stays that way. It also smells pretty rad :)