Friday, June 29, 2012

Today I...June 29th

A view of some of PEI's famous red sandstone cliffs in PEI National Park near Cavendish

Today I...

...tried going for a jog this morning before having a full breakfast. I ate a cup of yogurt and drank a bit of orange juice and off I went. I made it one kilometer and then had to transition for the next kilometer. Not enough protein for my body for my muscles to do their job. I will either invest in protein bars or remain an evening jogger. Right now I'm leaning towards remaining an evening jogger :o)

...nearly missed my bus to work. I missed it yesterday and it was a major pain, but this time I got lucky with the traffic lights and was able to jog along behind it and catch up with it at the next stop.

...spent about two hours in the information booth, much to my pleasure! looking forward to my long Canada Day weekend! I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I'm hoping to be pretty busy with my family, friends and Sweetheart, so I may not be popping in again until Tuesday, but I'll try to make it in if I can :o)

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