Friday, June 8, 2012

Today I...June 8th

Today I... sharing another photo of Cavendish Beach with all of you. It is extremely rare to have this beach all to yourself, particularly at sunset, but this was on a Monday night and it was cold and windy, so the only person crazy enough to be on the beach was the crazy, early in the season tourist from Montreal who was equally crazy enough to put her feet in the Atlantic. It was cold, but I figured my feet would get warm again pretty quick. No such luck, it took hours, nearly eight hours to be exact. I wore socks to bed that night and didn't wake up with my feet warm enough to take them off until 3:30 in the morning lol

...had a very, very busy day at work again. We're getting ready for the summer season and I was all alone in the office for pretty much the entire afternoon while C and D were off visiting one of our tour guides who has been in the hospital for the week, so I definitely did not have time to twiddle my thumbs!

...turned my alarm clock off this morning for (barring a few exceptions) the last time until September. My work schedule will be changing for the Summer as of Monday to allow me to supervise our team of Summer tour guides in the evening, so I will be working from early afternoon into the first half of the evening. That's just fine with me, as I am not an early bird of any description. It will also make it easier for my Sweetheart and I to spend time together as we will be able to get together once I am done with work and then not worry about having to rush the next morning so I'm not late for work. I might have a bit of a rough time getting back into my regular schedule in the fall though, but that's a long way off :o) looking forward to going to a concert that I won a pair of tickets for with my Sweetheart on Sunday :o)

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  1. Hi Karine! I'm glad your blogging issues have been resolved--I noticed today that blogs that I follow are missing from my reading list, so my problem seems to have returned....sigh.....

    Your work schedule sounds perfect to me!!

    By the way, I would have waded in the ocean too--I did that when we lived in Alaska and I think my feet are still cold! :-)!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!