Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today I...June 2nd

(View out the window of my flight to Toronto, where I changed planes before continuing on to Charlottetown)

Today I...

(View of PEI from the window of my plane as we were preparing to land) sharing...

(Cavendish beach at sunset)

...a few of my pictures from my four day vacation to Prince Edward Island with all of you.

(Lupins in Victoria-by-the-Sea)

I had a lovely four days and got home very late on Thursday night. The weather during my vacation was not that great, so any sunny pictures you I share with you, like the second to last one on this post, were taken either on the evening of my arrival or on the afternoon of my departure. I didn't see any sun at all between those two times, but I didn't mind so much, I was still able to drive 635 km in four days and visit about 75% of the island. It was incredibly relaxing and as when I left the Island after my first visit in 1999, I really didn't want to go and shed a few tears. Life seems so much simpler on PEI, people are so friendly and laid back, so I guess it's only natural that visitors would be reluctant to leave. While I was there I actually chatted with two people who moved to the Island with their families after a visit there. I must admit that I wouldn't mind at all if that eventually happened to my Sweetheart and I, but I have to get him to the Island first, which I'm hoping to do next year. I picked up a guide to cycling the Confederation Trail for him at one of the National Park's Visitors' Center for him, so that should give him a nudge :o)

...finished getting caught up on my cleaning.

...went out to the West Island for an appointment. wondering what I'm going to do with my last day off before heading back to work on Monday. looking forward to seeing my Sweetheart on Monday, I missed him him while I was away!

On a final note, I apologize if I haven't been leaving comments on some of your blogs for a while now, but I've been having issues with Blogger not allowing me to comment on some blogs and I can't figure out why. Have any of you had similar issues?

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  1. Hi Karine! I'm so glad you had a nice and enjoyable trip and it sounds like your inner batteries are recharged too! :-)

    I've not had problems commenting on blogs, but I was having problems with blogs I follow showing up on my reading list--I had to report it to Blogger/Google help, and I think it's fixed. You might want to do the same thing if you're still having the problem.

    I hope your time off ends on a good note!!