Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today I...June 5th

Today I...

...am sharing this picture of the lighthouse and interpretation center in Victoria-By-The-Sea, Prince Edward Island. I went there just for the lighthouse, the views of the bay and the chocolate shop. Unfortunately, the chocolate shop was closed, but luckily bays, views and most lighthouses do not go anywhere. The lighthouse in Victoria-By-The-Sea won't be going anywhere at least, as the town has taken over its upkeep, I actually had a nice chat with one of its keepers while I was there!

...had a busy day at work with a long, boring, meeting, a bunch of data entry and a lightning fast tour with a very late tour group.

...went for a jog! It was my first one in a few years. I tried jogging a few years ago, but had to quit because my running shoes were old and inadequate and it was doing a number on my already not too healthy feet (I have a bunion and arthritis in both my feet, but my right one is particularly bad). I got myself some new running shoes late last Fall, but didn't get a chance to take them for a run before the weather got too cold, so today when I was feeling quite energetic when I got home from work, I figured the time was right! I reached my goal for tonight and ran 1 kilometer and power walked another kilometer. I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow and for now my plan is to run again on Thursday and then on Saturday if all goes well and my feet behave!

...fixed my commenting problem by enabling cookies on my browser again, so I'll be able to comment on your blogs again :o)

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