Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today I...June 16th

Farmers' fields near Cornwall, PEI

Today I... my cleaning done.

...went shopping.

...came across a super sale at La Senza.

...picked up Father's Day cards for my father and grandfather.

...was disappointed when I didn't find myself any Summer clothes. Better luck next time on that front!

...went out for sushi with my brother and gave him the shot glass I got him in Charlottetown, made out of PEI clay!

...felt only slightly bad for my brother when Magique used his hand for tread in order to get away from the oscillating fan he knocked over while holding her in a way she hates. I was about to tell him to put her down because she was wriggling when he knocked over the fan and scared her silly. She gave him a couple of deep scratches on the palm of his right hand and a less serious one on the back of it. The trouble is, my brother is allergic to cats, so his hand got all red and white and swollen around the scratches. I put some ointment on them and will put some more on them tomorrow when we go to my aunt and uncle's for a Father's Day BBQ. As for Magique, she didn't feel bad about it all. When my brother went to find her before leaving my place, she gave him a definite 'screw you' in the form of a loud hiss and yowl and she ran away from him. I'm always telling my brother not to tease her...


  1. So you still have La Senza? Our chain has gone bust, if you'll excuse the pun (couldn't resist it0.

  2. Lovely photos Karine. Sorry about your brother. I'm allergic to cats too and the same thing would happen to me. He'll be ok.