Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today I...February 24th

Today I... sharing another photo from my trip to Toronto with you, this one is from the business district near Union Station, I just loved the way the sky scrapers were reaching up against the bright blue sky. It's nice to see blue sky like this because we've had so little of it here in the past few weeks and we won't be seeing any until at least Monday from what the weather forecasters are saying.

...made it work on time. I got up at 7:00 and was able to get on the first bus that came along and was at work early enough to be able to sit and read a bit before having to start the day. I was was cranky as all heck about having to get up earlier, but seeing that I was going to be more than on time was far less stressful than seeing that I was going to be late. back on the Pilates wagon and it felt great. I hadn't worked out since the Monday I got to my Sweetheart's place two weeks and I was starting to feel lousy about it, so work out I did. I'll try and do it once or twice a week again because I was getting very good results before and I'd like to maintain what I've obtained so far :o)

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  1. It is impressive! I almost get dizzy when I look up at the skyscrapers!