Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today I...February 28th

Today I...

...went to see the annual 'Butterflies go Free' show at the Botanical Gardens. I got there before lunch, there was no line and no major crowd, so I had all the place I needed to take my pictures, it was great :o)

...took a round-about way home so I could get a good walk in.

...watched the hockey game and I was happy to be proven wrong when Canada won :o) I'll admit that with their overall performance during the games I didn't believe they would win. an even prouder Canadian than ever. Our games turned out great despite a rocky start and we won the most gold medals ever in the history of the Winter Olympic Games. So what if two other countries won more than us overall, we have more gold and won more medals than we ever have and we did it all at home :o) Oh and I hope you got a look at our closing ceremonies, they kicked some serious butt too (and actually still are, I'm writing this while watching Alanis Morissette my favorite song of hers :o) )


  1. I love that photo, so summer like.

    I watched a few minutes of the game while having my supper, not a fan of hockey, but glad Canada won.....


  2. Love the photo! A terrific postcard capture!

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