Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today I...February 3rd

Today I... sharing a nice summery photo with you because, you know, we can all use a little bit of summer in the middle of winter :o) home way earlier than I expected because I got to the spa early and they took me early so I got an earlier bus home and voilĂ ! Here I am :o)

...was pretty much headache free, phew! That was a doozy yesterday. some very exciting news at work today. Not about my job, the posting for that is still up and I won't be hearing anything until it comes down on Friday. If I hear anything about that during my vacation I will be sure to let you all know. No, no, this is actually much bigger news which you will hear about on TV and in the papers, but not for a few weeks yet. Just keep an eye out for it, you'll know what it is when you hear it :o) And no, I'm not telling :op

...found myself wondering who, between my landlord and his wife, can't park straight in the garage to save their soul...I'm fairly picky about garage parking since I spent years driving my mom's SUV and had to park very, very straight in the garage because otherwise the truck wouldn't make it through the door (yup, it really was that tight, they didn't make SUVs when my mom's house was built in the 50s, or if they did, city folks didn't drive them because they didn't need them). So I couldn't help but wonder, when I literally nearly tripped over the landlord's VW's bumper when I went into the garage earlier how, in the name of Heaven, you can manage to park something that handles like a Jetta does so crooked in a huge double garage that your front bumper is inches from the door into the duplex and your rear bumper is nearly touching the rear bumper of your neighbors' car? And not only that, but park it that badly and just leave it like that? I would be way too embarrassed about parking like that to even think of not backing out and trying to an even slightly better job than that. But hey, that's just me ;o)


  1. some people just can't park cars would think they were driving tanks not vw's!!!

    thanks for the offer re: Molly, let me think on it. I want to get the report in my hands before I proceed.....