Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday I...February 22nd

Yesterday I...

...was ten minutes late to work because I wasn't able to get on a bus until 8:20. Two went by my stop packed to the brim and after the second one went past us without stopping, the three other people waiting at the stop and I started walking to the subway. We made it one stop further before three buses came along, all of them moderately full and we were all able to get on one of them along with the 10 people who were waiting at the stop before we got there. I wrote a very clear and concise complaint to the transit commission over the situation, because this is a problem that has been creeping up progressively since just after Christmas. I'm paying more for my pass, but am getting to work late more and more often no matter how much earlier I get up in an effort to catch a bus. What gives????

...was in a cranky mood all day after being late.

...went to my first choir practice since coming home from my vacation. It went very well, but i'm going to have to make sure not to be beside the girl I was beside last night, because she was driving me nuts. Every little mistake she or someone else made, she treated like a disaster, she always had some little comment to make whenever the director spoke to us and she was constantly chatting to the girl on her other side. She was also forcing her voice to make sure she was the most audible singer in the entire section, it was really, really annoying, especially that she often made rythmic errors. Ugh...nothing like people who think they're God's gift to whatever when really, they're not that impressive. If she keeps forcing her voice the way she is, she'll have none left in a few years.

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