Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today I...February 25th

Today I... missing my Sweetheart a bit, he popped on and off of Skype a few times, but we didn't manage to get a hold of each other. I think his Internet might be acting up. So since I'm missing him, I'm sharing some pictures from our Valentine's Day drinks and dessert with you guys. Above you can see some pictures of the pre-dinner cocktails that my Sweetheart created. They were a devilishly delicious mix of black current liqueur, peach juice and orange liqueur. My Sweetheart decided we needed to name the mix and called it a 'Torontonian'
...and here are the strawberries he put on a plate int he shape of a heart for us. His heart was kind of lopsided and he wasn't happy with it and gave up, so I took over and told him I hadn't done a BA for nothing and I nudged a few of the berries around to get this result.
...and here are our after dinner drinks, some yummy carbonated apple and pomegranate juice from...Ikea :o) Hey, they don't just sell great home decor stuff!

Today I...

...did some apartment hunting and found a few places of interest, I may visit one place on the weekend and if I do, I'll let you guys know how it goes. a paper cut, ouch!!! I'm such a baby about paper cuts, it's pretty bad. It just always stuns me how much a little thing like a paper cut can hurt!

...watched the women's' hockey team bet the US in the final to win a gold medal, GO CANADA!!! That's the third Olympic gold medal in a row for the Canadian women's' hockey team, we ROCK!!! Now hopefully the men can pull off the same trick.