Monday, February 1, 2010

Today I...February 1st

Today I...

...was flying solo at work since C took the day off and D never works on Mondays, he works Tuesday to Saturday. It was nice and quiet, although I did get quite a few phone calls.

...took an overcrowded bus to work (the guy behind my was literally glued to my ass. It was bugging me, but I bet he didn't mind it one bit...Took another overcrowded bus home with a girl's backpack glued to my back and took a third INSANELY overcrowded bus to choir practice because about half of the orange line of the Metro was down. I was so proud of myself for getting what was supposed to be an earlier bus than usual so I could actually make it practice on time, but it turned out to be running late because it was so overcrowded and it only got later as we went along, so I got in ten minutes late as usual...but I was still one of the earlier ones since so many people were stuck in the Metro. That's what happens when you get smoke in a tunnel, it takes them forever to vent it, even if fixing the cause of the smoke only take about 10 minutes.

...was impressed that my landlord came over today to try and fix a problem that I only mentioned to him yesterday. He unfortunately wasn't able to fix it, but he will try to come back before I leave to get it done. I guess the problem being my bathroom door not staying closed anymore might make him feel the problem is rather urgent. You know, just maybe. If only he thought my slowly dying dryer (which is, technically, his slowly dying dryer) was as important.

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