Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today I...February 2nd

Today I...

...wore my shoes for my cousin's wedding most of the day to break them in some more.

...found out that I'm going to have to go to a meeting with a team we're cooperating with for the third year in a row on a project for kinds in low income public schools in Montreal. I'm being sent it because aside from my boss, I'm the one who knows the project best. I'll have to give a 15 minute presentation and then answer questions. Yeah, no pressure there...right!!! If I'd known I was doing this earlier in the week I would have made sure to keep my fanciest and most professional work clothes for tomorrow, but as I didn't know, I wore them yesterday.

...developed a tension headache shortly after getting to work and it's starting to peak. Ouch...

...am starting to get stressed out with all the stuff I have to do before leaving. Today was supposed to be my relaxing day, but I had to get groceries after work, wanted to do my Pilates workout one more time before the wedding on Saturday, ended up eating late because I also wanted to practice my singing a bit, vacuumed while my dinner was cooking because I didn't have time to do it over the weekend and I steadfastly refuse to leave a messy apartment behind when I go away and I still have a pile of dishes to wash. Ugh...I just want to go to bed.

...have come to the conclusion that it may be hard for me to post between now and my departure and then once I'm away. So, folks, be warned that despite my best efforts postings may be few and far between for the next week and a half and don't expect took many pictures since I'm not bringing my laptop with me. I hope you guys like my writing enough to stick around :o)

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  1. Don't worry about posting, just enjoy your trip and the wedding.