Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today I...January 31st

Today I...

...was woken up at 8:30 A.M. by my blasted landlord and his wife again. They woke me up Saturday morning too. They go into the kitchen, speak in high pitched baby-speak to their 3 month old son, fire up the blender for smoothies walk around in either thick-soled slippers or shoes and drag their chairs on their kitchen floor. All this right above my head, since their kitchen is right above me bedroom. Can it be June yet so I can move? Oh, and my bathroom door doesn't stay closed anymore. Lord, please let me get my permanent job at the Oratory to so can afford a better, more soundproof apartment, among other things. Pretty please? I've worked very hard for it, you know. Until then, please let this week go by quickly so Friday can come and I can high-tail it out of here for 11 days.

...went to lunch with some friends. We went to 'La Banquise', a restaurant that serves a very typical French Canadian dish, poutine. That's french fries with curd cheese and gravy if you go for plain, run of the mill poutine, but I had 'Elvis' poutine, which was french fries, curd cheese, gravy, ground beef, and sauteed green peppers and mushrooms. Yum! But yeah, I only ever have poutine once or twice a year, because it definitely isn't the healthiest stuff going. A darn sight better than Mc D's or KFC in my opinion though.

...had a fun time trying to get my scarf unstuck from the windowsill of the restaurant after it froze to it and to the window. See?
It took forever for the ice to melt off of it too and in the mean time I couldn't wear the darn thing. It kind of would have gone against the job description of a scarf, which is to keep your neck and chest warm. My friend 'M', who is a flight attendant, offered to take it with him of his flight to Puerto Plata and stick it out the front door of the plane when he got there to thaw it off, but he would have had to bring it back to me when he got back to Montreal and after he cleared customs at about 3:30 A.M., so I said thanks, but no thanks.

Today I...

...went shopping with two of the friend I had lunch with and used part of one of my gift cards to busy two tops from my favorite store, RW&Co.. I've been shopping there ever since it opened and about 90% of my wardrobe comes from them.

...went to use the gift card that my Sweetheart got me buy some delightful smelling cream for my hands and feet, but it turns out that the person who sold it to him forgot to activate it. I'll have to write to him to see if he still has the receipt since he wasn't on Skype tonight. He'll be awful disappointed, he was so happy when he gave it to me and saw that I liked it.

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  1. so how many weeks until June??

    Fingers crossed you get that job.....