Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today I...June 11th

Today I... sharing these pictures of Rodeo Drive with you. I took a whole series of photos while out on a walk here with my Sweetheart. I can't believe it's already been a month since we got home from our Los Angeles vacation. My Sweetheart is continuing his European vacation and is leaving Berlin for London tomorrow and will be touring that city with one of his best friends for a week before heading back to Poland. He will be home in three and a half weeks...or 25 days. Patience is a virtue...although I have given up my attempt to write to him only once a week as it was driving me mad :o) not recommending going to a Rihanna concert to anyone who is easily shocked by singers who saunter about stages scantily clad while dancing very suggestively. Also, do not bother buying tickets in the nose-bleed section if you go to see her, as you will be disappointed. Her voice is not very powerful and she is often drowned out by her band. How did I find this out? S and I's supposedly VIP tickets were not so VIP after all and we were four rows from the very back of the uppermost section of the Bell Center. Oh well, we had fun anyhow, but I would not go and see one of Rihanna's concerts again.

...had a migraine all night and all day and finally shook it off after a brief nap before dinner.

...went out grocery shopping and got everything I needed to make bolognese sauce, but ended up not making it because of my headache. I will make it tomorrow though :o) about halfway through Edward Rutherfurd's novel, 'New York' and am absolutely loving it! It should last me another two weeks I think.

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