Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today I...June 14th

Today I...

...am sharing more Rodeo Drive photos with you. I was quite disappointed to see that Cartier had taken out all of their window displays for the night...at 6:00 P.M.! So I had to settle for a picture of their sign.

...I'm pretty sure that these are the doors to either Versace or Tiffany's, they're made out of cut glass.

Today I...

...had a busier day than yesterday, particularly in the afternoon when I spent over two hours with three employees from two of Montreal's French language school boards. The wanted to meet with me and have them go around the Oratory so I could answer some of their questions and show them what we had to offer to their students. I laid it on thick and did quite a good job of selling them the Oratory. It was pretty easy to do since I was able to give them all sorts of interesting tidbits that I don't put on tours very often, so they really got my tour guide brain cells going. I love a challenge whenever I can get one since over the course of nine years at the Oratory I can safely say that I've given hundreds of tours...I think I'm probably actually getting close to a thousand :oJ So yeah, anything out of the ordinary and I'm all for it!

...realized, too late once again, that I forgot to call my landlord to have him send the plumber to my apartment yet again. My taps are all fine this time, but my Sweetheart and I realized nearly a month ago the last time he came over before leaving for Europe that we could no longer find the cap for my bottle of bath oil and that my bathtub was taking a suspiciously long time to empty. Put two and two together and you can undoubtedly figure out where the cap went. I was kind of embarrassed that the plumber might ask how the cap came to be in the drain pipe for the tub, so at first I was hoping that it would become unstuck on its own. Unfortunately, that hadn't happened yet after two weeks and I've been trying to remember to call the landlord ever since. I'll have to put a note about it on my blackboard tonight and if the plumber asks how the cap got down the drain, I'll just tell him that I dropped it and it got away from me before I could reach it...not that my Sweetheart and I knocked the bottle over which hit the cap and that we just ignored it, never expecting it to end up in the drain. Oops :oJ We'll know better from now on!

Speaking of my Sweetheart, I'm going to go and write to him now :o)

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