Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today I...June 12th

Today I... sharing more photos from Rodeo Drive with you. All the display windows at Tiffany's had different engagement rings and marriage proposals in them and the rings, of course, were huge. The Tiffany's in Pasadena had the same concept, but with smaller rings which my Sweetheart found funny 'Hey, it's Tiffany's on a budget!' he said :o)

...had a nice, quiet day. I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom and washed the dishes and made a nice batch of my bolognese sauce with a load of mushrooms in it. Mushrooms make everything better in my books :o) going to hunt down a small map of London to put it in the notebook I am keeping for my Sweetheart's trip. He will be there until Sunday of next week, the lucky man. I'm hoping to make it there with him next year at some point, but until then I have asked him to take loads of pictures of the city for me and put in a special request for one of the interior of Westminster Abbey to be sent to me before he comes 24 days :o)

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