Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today I...June 28th

Today I...

...am sharing this picture of one of the zillions of monkeys that call the Granby Zoo home with you. I had no clue how many different species of monkeys there were until I visited this zoo! These ones were the most cooperative ones, the other monkeys would either turn their back to me or not hold still long enough to allow me to take pictures. They were monkeys though, so I wasn't too surprised by their attitudes :o)

...had a very busy day at work.

...spent a lot of time zoning out, thinking bout my Sweetheart. At one point late this afternoon, I zoned out while walking over to send a fax and only snapped out of it when I realized that I was heading not to the fax machine, but into the bathroom across from the room where the fax is. I smirked to myself and was very happy that no one saw me do such a silly thing. I think it's time for my Sweetheart to come home, wouldn't you say?

...was very happy to find a message from P in my voice mail on my cell phone when I got back in from giving a tour. I will more than likely be seeing she and A tomorrow, I can hardly wait!!!

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