Monday, June 27, 2011

Today I...June 27th

Today I... sharing this funky picture I took at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles last month. Can you see the slight reflection of the sign in my UV filter?

...was so, so happy to have the drain in my tub fixed and to finally be able to give the tub a good scrub! I spent about a half-hour washing it very thoroughly after the repair work was done around noon. Hooray for my being able to shower normally at home tonight!

...couldn't help put smirk when I saw the high caliber drain and pressure plug that were going into my tub. NOTHING is EVER going to make it down that drain again! Too bad my landlord didn't have something so elaborate (cross, sieve and pressure plug) in there in the first place! I know I would have if I had been him with plumbing as old as there is in this building!

...didn't make it to the airport to meet P and A since by the time I was done washing my tub, I would most likely have missed them coming out or would have come very close to it. Their flight actually got in a bit early and I am eagerly awaiting news from P tomorrow and am hoping that she and A will come to see me at work! now awaiting the return home of my darling Sweetheart next week. Tomorrow there will only be 9 days left before his return! We're down to single digits, woohoo!

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