Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today I...June 22nd

Today I... sharing this photo of some trail-side flowers in Griffith Park with you. I went for a short walk here with my Sweetheart while were in Los Angeles. We would have loved to walk longer, particularly my Sweetheart, but I had been badly burned by the non-existent (red: behind fog on a mostly chilly beach, except for when the sun peeked through the fog every now and then) sun while at Santa Monica beach the day before and was consequently over-dressed for walking in the California heat, so we were only able to walk for about a half hour.

...was in a decidedly better mood than yesterday.

...had a very quiet day at work, but of course after my phone had only rung once or twice all day, it had to ring at 4:22 P.M. and the caller had to be a very particular woman who wanted to book for a group and it had to take ten minutes instead of five as simple bookings do and I got out of work late. Oh well, at least I had nowhere to be except home after work!

...made an appointment to have my hair trimmed on Sunday afternoon. I am growing it out after having it short for quite a few years now and trimming it every two months is the best way to get it to grow longer faster!


  1. Griffith Park is such a landmark because as you know there is so much to see and do there, that I can't imagine how you would chose which to do!!

    I know what you mean about things happening last minute at work--We get that all the time, and I hate answering the phone so close to the end of the day because it's never going to be a quick call!

    I hope you're having a quiet evening!

  2. Beautiful photo Karine...I hope you did not read my last comment as a rebuke...I am not always kind or generous or compassionate either...we are all works in progress! Just some thoughts, perhaps more aimed at myself than you!


  3. Or dea with the past bad haircut like I am doing

  4. Laura: don't worry, I didn't take it the wrong way at all :o)