Friday, December 11, 2009

Today I...December 11th

Today I...

...had a very busy day with a new tour guide to take care of and a whole bunch of tours going on before and during the one I was give. With no boss to speak of and only one of us office employees still in the office, I had to handle coordination issues with less experienced tour guides while giving my tour. Good thing I'm so used to giving tours that I can run on autopilot and interrupt my tours to talk with someone over the walkie-talkie and then keep right on going without forgetting where I was! Oh, and for anyone wondering, we had four tours today which, due to the number of students in each group, required a total of eight tour guides, two of which we 'recycled' and used for one tour in the morning and a second one in the afternoon. If you think that's a lot, wait until next Friday when we're going to have twelve!!!

...saw my boss (who also happens to be my aunt, by the way, had I mentioned that before?) briefly before she left. It was her last day of work, she was there with my youngest cousin who is spending the night at her place since they're celebrating his older brother's birthday tonight when I left for my tour, but by the time I was done she they were gone and her office was empty. She's supposed to come back to the Oratory on Tuesday for a bit of a 'goodbye' party.

...was astonished by how much my cousin had grown since I last saw him, but he's at an age where they grow so fast they seem taller every time you blink.

...took ages to pick an appropriate card for us to give to my boss next Tuesday, but I think I made the right choice.

...just about froze to bloody death walking down the hill after work, it's still incredibly windy here, or at least it was earlier and it's out of the north so it felt like -17 even though it was only actually -7. Brr!!!

...bought flour, chocolate chips and cookie cutters on the way home from work, I'm baking cookies for the Oratory's staff Christmas Lunch next Thursday this weekend. I'm entering them into a competition and am hoping to win a prize!

...found my Christmas tree lying on the floor when I came home...I don't know which of my feline monstrosities knocked it over, but I suspect it may have been a combined effort. I uttered a string of harsh expletives upon seeing it that would have made a sailor blush, but fortunately hardly any ornaments fell off and I hadn't put up any breakables so there was no real damage. Thank heaves the tree is artificial though, otherwise I shudder to imagine the watery mess I would have had to clean up.

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  1. gosh you are really busy at the moment. the joys of owning a cat!!