Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today I...December 12th

Today I...

...wrote to my sweetheart when I got up to wish him a happy birthday and to wish him good luck on his exam. I am now waiting to him to connect to Skype so I can wish him a happy birthday again and ask him how the exam went.

...did my laundry.


...made chocolate chip shortbread cookies. I wanted to give them nice Christmassy shapes and spent 13.75$ on plastic cookies cutters yesterday, but then saw while making the dough today that the cookie cutters would be far too big to use. Darn :o( Hopefully if I put the cookies in a nice Christmas box with appropriately colored tissue paper and the judges find them yummy enough I'll still have a shot at a prize in the contest on Thursday.

...pondered over whether to go to the movies with my mother and brother tomorrow or go to a carol sing-in at a church Downtown. I went to the carol sing two years ago with a friend and loved it and have been looking forward to it, but I'll probably end up going alone this time, which isn't quite as much fun. I only have one ticket left on my movie theater gift card though and I think I might want to save it for a movie I want to see more than Disney's 'A Christmas Carol'. I dunno, I guess I'll decide tomorrow.

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  1. good luck with the contest, you should take a photo of your cookies?

    I have eaten at a Cora's before, and have to say found it pretty expensive for what it was??

    Hope you had a lovely Sunday.