Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today I...December 2nd

Today I...

...had a bit of a fit when the photocopy and fax machine turned the cover page of the fax I was trying to send into a paper accordion. Fortunately I was able to salvage it from the machine and flatten it out enough to be able to send it anyways.

...was annoyed when my first tour group showed up 40 minutes early, but then ever so grateful when they agreed to wait for 40 minutes to start the tour until the second tour guide for their group was scheduled to arrive before starting. This is very appropriate tour group behavior and one that is oh, so appreciated especially on busy days like today was.

...was incredulous when my second tour group showed up an hour early because they had decided that they wanted to have time to visit the creche museum before heading back to Cornwall. They therefore demanded their tour within ten minutes of their arrival right smack dab in the middle of my lunch break. Oh, Hell...well, at least I had time to finish eating, but I made them wait while I brushed my teeth and they didn't even apologize for pulling me out of my lunch break when I explained to them why I was late. This is very inappropriate tour group behavior on both counts. Yes, the customer is always right and a change of schedule is fine and even half expected with all groups, but the appropriate way to go about changing your schedule is to call and run it by us first. Otherwise on a busy day like today I end up in Brother André's Museum with two other groups and darn near lose my voice trying to make sure my group can still hear me. Oh well...maybe tomorrow my tour group will be on time or late to compensate for today?

...remembered the mud patty.

...took my Skywatch photo on the way out of work, you'll have to wait until tomorrow night to see it.

...found out that I will be faced with rather a bothersome dilemma soon and am waiting to my significant other to connect to Skype so I can talk with him about it.

...learned about Via Rail's new contest. No photos this time, but I have to go and post my Christmas wish list on their blog in hopes of winning a 200$ travel credit with them on December 22nd. That would be a trip and a half to see my boyfriend, so here's hoping.

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  1. ugh, i hate it when the copier at my work turns the paper in to an accordion!
    its even worse when someone walks in on you and the machine is beeping its head off at you.
    I hope the trip with your bf works out!