Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today I...September 21st

Today I...

...am sharing this trailer for a documentary made by a French Canadian Catholic television network about Brother André with you. Yes, it's mostly in french, but the music and video footage are lovely on their own :o)

...was very nearly late for work when my bus got stuck in traffic before making it to my stop.

...gave a tour to a group of pilgrims from the US and they very much enjoyed it, which is always nice.

...had a bunch of phone calls to make and a mail out to do and forgot to do my data entry in the process. Oops...oh well, no tours tomorrow, so I'll be able to catch up no problem!

...burnt the knuckle of my pointer finger on my right hand in the toaster over while taking my ciabatta slices out at lunch, ouch...

...went to buy milk after worked and then walked home.

...had a nice long bath and treated myself to a self-administered facial.

...spoke with my Sweetheart on Skype for over a half hour and was happy to hear that he had such a nice time with his three best friends from his days as a chorister at the Oratory.

...planned to go and visit my Sweetheart and my family in Toronto for Thanksgiving, hooray :oD I've been very stressed lately, so a lovely weekend like that will be just what I need before getting caught up in the tidal wave that will be Brother André's Canonization.

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  1. Just catching up with all the going's on with your life. That's good that you have decided to come down here for the long weekend. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the weather is lovely for you also.