Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today I...September 8th

Today I... sharing the Youtube video of the ad for Brother Andre's Canonization with you. You can see it in my previous post by clicking on the title of my blog, in case you got here through a direct link to his current post.

...was a very popular girl at work, on the phone at least. I got enough calls to make up for all the calls I didn't get Monday and Tuesday lol

...walked both to the metro this morning and home from work this afternoon.

...couldn't get over the fact that the herd of people waiting for the bus at the bus stop on the corner of my street kept standing there even after I told them that the bus stop had been moved to the boulevard South of us because of construction. There was even a sign on the bus stop post saying so, clear as day! Jeeze...

...compulsively checked the UPS site to see where my iPod Nano was at. Last I saw, it was taking off from Anchorage, Alaska. I'll have to check again soon since it left from there over four hours ago. If it was being flown from the West Coast to the East Coast, it must be there by now.

...spoke with my Sweetheart for a half hour and we just exchanged a few written messages on Skype. It felt nice to talk to him again, I hadn't heard his voice in a week! He's feeling a bit down though because some at his workplace got fired. His office is very small, so when someone goes, everyone feels it. There are only twelve of them in all!

...still have to iron my blouse for tomorrow, make tuna salad for my lunch and feed my critters before going to bed, so I had better scat!

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